For more than a century we have made our name in the hairdresser’s scene. Now it’s the turn of the 4th generation in a row. So you know that you ‘ll have the best possible and professional hair care in a bright and inspiring hairdressers salon. Our team uses the top quality brands like Schwarzkopf Professional, and American CREW . This way we can always deliver top quality and maintain your hair in a healthy state.

Hair@Jerry’s is selected as a member of “SPECTRUM”, which means that we can provide you with a wide range of very specific colours from the Schwarzkopf professional-collection. You can always count on the most beautiful colours which will make and keep your hair healthy and spectaculair. Of course the shampoos and conditioners of Schwarzkopf Professional products are extra-ordinary in its quality!

American CREW products are REVLON Professional products especially designed for men. They create unlimited possibilities for longer, shorter and very short hair.

SPECTRUM is a very select group of haircolour-specialists. SPECTRUM is an organization of only 120 hairdressers in The Netherlands who, besides their own locational training, have specialized themselves in hair colouring. This special training takes one year to complete and includes an examination. You can recognize the Spectrum certified hairdresser by the Spectrum logo, which should be visible at the hair salon. The specific education and training makes the Spectrum hairdresser constantly aware of the latest techniques, most recent products and new scientific discoveries. After all, the hair remains a very personal and inportant matter to everyone. So you shouldn’t take it for granted. That’s why the SPECTRUM haircolouring-specialist is a great hairdresser as well as an expert on hair colours.

So we are very proud to be a member of SPECTRUM. The knowledge about the colour products of Schwarzkopf Professional is very exclusive and only available to those SPECTRUM members. Therefore we can fully exploit all the creative potential and still maintain the right hair condition.

As you can see, we have the experience and the tools to give you the very best hair care!


At Hair@Jerry’s you can also have a shave in an Italian way!!

This means that the skin is first prepared nicely with the Original Italian Shaving cream of the brand-named “PRORASO” With a lovely soft fuzz hair shaving brush, dipped in hot water, this refreshing shaving cream will be rubbed over and then to be shaved skilfully. After that the skin will be pampered with the “Hot Towel technique” and brought on condition with a fresh smelling aftershave lotion or cream.

A wonderful relaxing experience for yourself or for someone you like to grant this by using a gift certificate.



Starting from 1908 up till now: more than a 100 years!

Jaspert van Schooneveld was 15 years old when he started as an apprentice at a barber shop. In 1897 you’d first begin as the one who did all the preparations for the barber. The barber was the only person to use the razor.

In 1908 Jaspert, now more experienced, worked at another barber shop. But when the owner went bankrupt, Jaspert had to start his own business. He did so by maintaining his clients he’d already worked for. The new hairdresser’s salon couldn’t be established at the same place as the last shop, Van Vollenhovenstraat 34, because the landlord didn’t believe that another hairdresser’s could be profitable. But Jaspert found a suitable location at de Beneden Westzeedijk. So the 5th November 1908 was the beginning of ‘Kapsalon Van Schooneveld’.

After a few years the preferable location at the Van Vollenhovenstraat was available again. Moving to that location was done and in the mean time 2 sons and a doughter were borne. The oldest son [Jacob] became a barber too and worked at the shop. When Jaspert announced to retire, this was when the shop already existed 50! years. At the reception he received so many good response, that he than decided to postpone his retirement a few years…….

At the 1 january 1962 he finaly quit and left his business to Jacob. This ‘Jac’ became a father also and he and his wife got 2 sons and 3 doughters: Jac [jr], Ida, Cari, Connie and Jaspert. 4 of them decided to become a hairstylist also and Jac [jr] and Cari worked besides theire father for many years. Cari was in fact the first female “men’s hairdresser” in Holland at that time. In 1980 Jac [sr] stopped working at the shop and Jac [jr] became the owner.

Jac and his wife Toos had 2 children: Jacques and Jerry. Jerry became a hairdresser too when he started to work in the salon of his father in 1983. In the following 13 years he worked at the Van Vollenhovenstraat with a lot of pleasure and also competed several years at the Dutch National Championships. In 1990 he became “Men’s Hairdressers National Champion” in the commercial hairfashion. At that same year his aunt Connie and her doughter Bianca [hairdresser also] became fourth and second in the same competition but then in the “Female Hairdressers National Competition”.

After those 13 years Jerry decided to work at another kind of salon and went to Lekkerkerk [4,5 years] and became a manager in Bergambacht for the next 6 years. In 2007 he started his own barbersalon Hair@Jerry’s at the Goudsesingel 247 in Rotterdam.